Irish Piemontese Society
The Irish Piemontese Society

The first Piemontese cattle arrived in Ireland in the 1980's from the region of Piedmont in Northern Italy. In recent years there has been huge increase in popularity with a doubling in Society membership and over 320 Pure Bred Piemontese imported from Italy.
The Society is currently developing the domestic beef market where the low cholesterol and tender lean meat virtues of Piemontese beef are very much in demand. This is a market for Piemontese cattle that is going to expand enormously in the near future.
Piemontese are not only double muscled but are easily calved and quickly produce this super lean but tender beef. This beef is held in such high regard in Italy that it is called the "Queen of Beef" and there is always a shortfall in the demand for it over there. This is a niche market that the Piemontese Society is actively exploring whether by live export to Italian feed lots or on the hook.

Piemontese beef is exactly what the lucrative Italian market requires.

The Piemontese Breed

The Piemontese cattle breed is a beef breed of medium size that converts forage very well into beef and has a high kill out percentage.  Recently slaughtered bulls in Ireland have had a K.O. % of 70%. The quality of commercial cuts is higher than that of bigger-sized breeds and the carcass wastage is minimal. With farmers soon to be paid on lean meat yield, the Piemontese is the breed to choose.

The Piemontese breed is light boned with a fine elastic skin and a low quantity of fat. It has lean and tasty meat that is also very tender thanks to a double quantity of the myostatin gene.